Colosafe® - sDNA Testing Kits for Colorectal Cancer


Full name of Colosafe® is Methylation Detection Kit for Human SDC2 Gene (Real time PCR) & Stool Collection Device which is the first NMPA approved stool DNA test kit for colorectal cancer. Colosafe® entered the special approval channel of National Medical Products Administration in March 2017 and was cleared by NMPA on Nov 20, 2018. It is a product that can precisely detect and interpret the mutated messages (human SDC2 methylation) from stool for detection of colorectal cancer to help physicians to figure out the cancerous lesion early and prevent the development of CRC at early stage. Thus, the prevention and cure of CRC is achieved. It has been implemented in over 500 hospitals in China and has gain tremendous clinical recognition by the professionals and experts.
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